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Thought of the Month - June: 

"The Least of These"

It's a pharse people use in a variety of ways, yet Jesus used it to describe those who according to the world's standards, have little or nothing to offer us in return for service. They are the men, women and children the world often overlooks-if not forgets completely. Yet it's exactly those people Jesus elevates to such a beautiful status by saying, whatever you did for them; you did for me.


Prayer of the Month - June:

Our God, if we could condense all loveliness to one flower...

All music to one song...

All beauty to one face...

All poetry to one line..

All happiness to one moment...

All love to one glance...

It would fail to describe your greatness, holiness, love, and mercy through Jesus Christ, as a candle fails to compare with sunlight.


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