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Reverend Dr. Norman Gamble, Moderator

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Reverend Dr. Norman Gamble, a native of Salters, South Carolina, is the son of the late Deacon Sam Gamble, Jr. and the late Hermener Moore Gamble. He is a humanitarian who has spent a great deal of his life serving his church and community. He has been speaking and preaching for 47 years. In addition, he has been teaching the Word of God for over 50 years. He is the committed husband of La-Dine′ W. Gamble and through this union they have been blessed with four adult children - Ti-Esha Dine′, Cambridge Alexander, Na-Dya Emoni and Malcolm Martin. They also have two grandsons, Landon and Tihler.

During his tenure at Central Baptist, in Salters, Dr. Gamble successfully initiated a scholarship fund for deserving students pursuing post-secondary degrees. He has since initiated a similar scholarship program which provides several scholarships to students affiliated with New Ebenezer Baptist Church. Over the last twenty-nine years, New Ebenezer has given approximately $150,000.00 in scholarships to her members and non-members. He is a strong supporter of the Pee Dee Transitional Shelter. Dr. Gamble has established an Emergency Assistance Fund to aid church members who may experience financial difficulty.

Dr. Gamble knows that those who are called to service must be equipped to execute the call. Accordingly, Dr. Gamble is a 1976 graduate of C. E. Murray High School, Greeleyville, SC; a 1980 graduate of Benedict College, Columbia, SC; a 1983 graduate of Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, Rochester, NY; and 1987 graduate of Williamsburg Technical College, Kingstree, SC. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion and Philosophy; a Masters of Divinity Degree in Theology and an Associate Degree in Occupational Technology. On May 6, 2017, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree by Morris College, Sumter, SC. In 2021, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree by Gospel Without Borders Bible College and Seminary, Wichita, Kansas. Dr. Gamble served on the Williamsburg County School Board for 24 years. He is a registered parliamentarian and is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP).   

Rev. Dr. Gamble is the proud pastor of a proud people – the historic New Ebenezer Baptist Church of Florence, SC.

Dr. Gamble believes as did the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “If I can help somebody as I pass along this way, then my living will not be in vain.”