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File Title: Website Information
File Name: WebsiteInformation.pdf
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File Details: To have local church information placed on the website, please submit the following document.

Pastor Vacancies

File Title: Kay Branch Vacancy Notice
File Name: Kay Branch.pdf
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File Title: Pastoral Vacancy Announcement
File Name: SKM_284e16093018190.pdf
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File Details: Pastoral Vacancy Announcement for Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Marion, SC.


File Title: Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Dr. Alfonso Porter
File Name: Genealogy_of_Jesus_Christ.pdf
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File Details: For additional info - Contact Kim Chaney, church secretary 843.665.7853

Scholarships - Pee Dee

File Title: Pee Dee Scholarship Letter
File Name: Scholarship-Letter-revised.pdf
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File Title: Pee Dee Scholarship Application
File Name: Scholarship_Application.pdf
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File Title: Pee Dee Scholarship Letter
File Name: Scholarship_Letter_to_Churches.pdf
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Womans Pee Dee

File Title: The Pee Dee Connection Form
File Name: Connection_Subscription_2017_2018.pdf
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Workshops / Conferences / Camps

File Title: SHEREC Summer Camp Application
File Name: SHEREC_Summer_Camp_Application_2017.PDF
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File Title: SHEREC Summer Camp Flyer
File Name: SHEREC_Summer_Camp_Flyer_2017.pdf
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Yearly Calendar

File Title: 2017 Association Calendar (Updated)
File Name: 2017_Association_Calendar2.pdf
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