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Thought and Prayer for the Month

Contact: Waymon Mumford


Teach us Lord, that commitment is a responsible word for every Christian. No person is totally solitary; each is related to someone in some responsible way.

May our word be our bond, and our promise a reflection of our integrity as much as is humanly reasonable and possible. Forgive us if we deceitfully promise more than we are able to perform.

We thank you for your commitment to us through the revelation of your word. We thank you that Jesus committed himself to us so that we might be saved from our sins.


Church Leaders Prayer:

Dear Lord, you are the head of the church. You have instructed us to elect those who are spiritually and mentally qualified to lead us as your people. 

These responsibilities may be heavy; matters of business may be many; decisions may be difficult. Personalities may conflict, egos become inflated, and opinons become narrow.

Guide our leaders that they may show impartiality without prejudice. May all discussions be tempered with wisdom, love and fairness. May the good of the whole church always be foremost and not the whims, power plays, or the self-interest of a person or a group.

Give them wisdom and common sense, and may they seek your will in the guidance of this your flock.